About us

Global Vision. Uniting Structure. Strong Competence.


At United Pre.Ipo.Capital, we specialize in offering private investment services to our clients. Our primary goal is to optimize returns on investments by providing funding for business growth and enhancing their value through equity investments. We emphasize commercial financing that follows a dividend reinvestment model, enabling us to capitalize on businesses in our portfolio through equity financing partnerships. This approach allows us to generate long-term value for stakeholders and maximize the potential of our company stakes.

Project Management

United Pre.IPO.Capital excels in providing specialized project management services to our clients, ensuring seamless execution and successful outcomes for their companies. Our dedicated team leverages strategic planning, efficient resource coordination, and meticulous oversight to drive projects to fruition, meeting and exceeding our clients' objectives. With a focus on delivering excellence, we navigate the complexities of project management, adding significant value to our clients' business endeavors.

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Capital raising

United Pre.IPO.Capital operates across diverse regions, dedicated to facilitating SME businesses with essential funding and expertise. Our commitment to bridging financial gaps and providing strategic guidance empowers SMEs to thrive and achieve their business goals. With a global perspective, we tailor our services to the unique needs of each region, fostering growth and sustainability for the businesses we serve.

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IPO advisory

United Pre.IPO.Capital is your trusted partner in navigating the intricate process of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). With a knowledgeable supervisory board, we bring expertise to every stage of the IPO journey. Recognizing the complexity and time sensitivity of this process, our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to business, financial, and legal details. From the initial rationale to post-separation technicalities, we are committed to maximizing a company's prospects for market leadership, providing support for a successful IPO experience

Regional structure

United Pre.IPO.Capital is presently engaged in operations across various regions. However, the organization is in the process of broadening its operational scope.